BIT KRAFT crafts websites that:

Deliver Your Message
Have Clean and Simple Interfaces
Are Fast & Optimized
Are Native to Smartphone screens
Are SEO, Social Network & User Friendly
Visually Appealing
Simple To Use, Yet Advanced in Functionality

WordPress platform makes it easy for everyone. It’s well built, always improving, strongly supported, widely used, safe… It’s the no. 1 choice to design & build a website that is easy to maintain.

39.6% of the Internet (64.1% of the CMS web) can’t be wrong!

We’ll let our work recommend us

The process from contact to website

Initiate a contact with us, providing your requests, needs and expectations from your website. The more detailed your request, the better.

We contact you back with an offer based on the data you provided. We may also contact you prior to providing you an offer, in order to ask for more info.

You accept or decline our offer. We may contact you once again with an alternative offer that we believe might suit your needs better. If declined, we won’t provide any more offers, unless you specifically request it.
If you accept our offer, we will continue to Step 4.

We will sign a legal contract to regulate the rights and obligations of both parties, You provide all needed data, like your logo, slogans, texts, images, videos, links etc. that we need to implement into your website. We will only continue to Step 5 when all requested data is provided, and 30% of the agreed price is payed upfront.

We build your website and contact to ask for your review. After you review it, you provide us your feedback, so we can do any corrections you might ask for. After corrections are done, we will test the website, and ask you to test it on your side. If at this point errors or malfunctions are found, we will fix them and re-test. When this step is successfully done, you will be asked to pay the rest 70% of the agreed price, then we’ll provide you full access to your website.

We train you, or a person you appoint, on how to use, update and maintain your website.

*Please note these rules do not apply for websites that are part of an NGO project, or project otherwise funded by the EU, as we’re aware different rules apply to those projects. BIT KRAFT is 100% compatible with the regulations and rules that apply in web and graphic design requests for projects funded by the EU and/or similar.

Standard web design offer

Please request a quote for an estimated price. The offered price will differ depending on what you need, request and expect from your website and eventually any other factors.

Basic Website

for small companies
  • Homepage
  • Basic Information
  • A Few Images
  • Basic SEO Support
  • Contact Form
  • CMS

Tell us what you need, and we'll contact you back with an offer.

No strings attached.