BIT KRAFT is an IT company registered as a legal entity in a mid-sized city of Prilep in Macedonia. Yeah, you probably noticed already, we love our city 🙂

We’re focused on web design (primarily, but not limited to WordPress), graphic design and video editing. We plan to also offer animation services soon, so stay tuned.

We want to have fun while we work. We don’t want to stay too serious for too long, as fun helps our creativity – very, very much. We are usually having much fun and tell a tone of jokes while working, so you may be more than certain that happy faces were behind the screen while your product was krafted.

Now, when we mentioned “krafting“, there seems to be something fuzzy about that word, doesn’t it? 🙂
Well, here’s the short story behind the meaning of the company name: BIT KRAFT. It’s a blend of two words. BIT, as you probably know, is the tiniest piece of digital information. KRAFT, sounds like the “craft” in English, while it’s written “KRAFT“, that is actually a word in German, meaning “force”, “strong” or “power”. So, which one is it? They are both. KRAFT in BIT KRAFT has both meanings from English and German, blending the meaning of those. A strong craft using the power and the force of the bit as material. Oh, and it also helps spelling and writing the company name correctly with Macedonian Cyrillic alphabet 🙂

Resources you might need (click to download)

BIT KRAFT Logo – square – 1920 x 1920 px
Ok, it’s acctually a circle 🙂 (transparent PNG)

BIT KRAFT Logo – square – 300 x 300 px
Inverse color (JPG)

BIT KRAFT Logo – 1920 x 720 px
Wide format (transparent PNG)

BIT KRAFT Logo – 1200 x 630 px
Wide with slogan (non-transparent PNG)

If you need different size, resolution, format, etc., or need a vector version of our logo, please contact us.